The Kerala muslim society was lead to progress and success through the teachings of Spiritual leaders. Having possessed the divine presence and constant perseverance, they never did urge for reward and renown, Through them the people became possessors and practices of a pure life. By the diligence in the remembrance of Allah they gained the better out of their life.

Today, the humanity has lost the spiritual sancity. they can't keep the remembrances of Almighty Allah and his messenger Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Due to the lack of sincerity and truthfulness of intentions the propagation process is at a low ebb. In such a condition, the world is expecting the emergence of the Breitling Replica Watches, breitlingreplica Best Replica Watches Stores Report,Top quality and Lowest Prices. Breitling Super Avenger II,BlackBird scholars who have convinced of the truth and can guide the society the light of truth creating a new spring of virtues and values. Al Madeena Islamic and Arts College is novel step to fulfill such goal.

The institutions is in the attempt to realize the fact that the imitation of the ideal lives of our predecessors, who life the message to humanity, is necessary for the renaissance of society. Only the scholars who can stand steadfast before and in alliance with the booming advancement of information technology an guide the humanity to the lost grandeur of Islam. None but them can bring the humanity nearer the Creator Allah.

The candidates who have possessed the eligibility for higher studies in SSLC Examination will be given admission on the basis of an entrance examination The students will be awarded the mutawwal (Post Graduation in Islamic Studies) and they will be facilitated for the degree of recognized University in the duration of seven years.

The graduate will have gained knowledge in computer and will be able to handle various languages such as English, arabic, Urdu and Farsi. Above all they will have trained to practice the propagation of real Islam. (Insha Allah) Students will get education, food, accommodations facilities and first aid on free.

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