Quthbuzzaman Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishthy
Islam is the perfect way of life which is blessed by Almighty Allah for human being. This is a a comprehensive route map to lead the society to the holy presence of Almighty God. To realize this sublime goal has appointed his delegates 'the Prophets' as his representatives from the prophet Adam (p.b.u.h) up to the last and the greatest saver of mankind Muhammed Musthafa(s) this mission had been practiced and propagated in its full swing. It is an everlasting duty to enlighten the path of righteousness a practice of Almighty Allah for the revival of each century that he selected the followers of prophet Muhammed (s) as the stars and light house to purity the hearts and spirits of all muslims from evil thoughts and bad characters. There after this mission is known as Thareeqa'. Al Sheikh Abdul

Qadir Jeelani the supreme personality in this series is the leader of Thareeqathul Qdiriyya. Though his disciples have been selected by Almighty in all centuries for the contemporary age this noble position has embraced Al Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishthy Sulthan has been crowned the rain of Quthbuzzaman Al Shaeikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishthy this is confered by Sayyiduna Muhammed musthafa(s) Hazrath Sayyiduna Ali bin Abee Thalib(r) and Quthbul Aqthab Al Sheikh Muhyidheen Abdul Qadir Jeelani (r) Quthbuzzaman proclaims the present world to mistle Kalimathu Thouheed in the hearts of every muslims by baia'th the pledge of allegiance as it is has AAA Best Breitling Transocean Replica Watches from China. Breitling Replica Watches,Best Replica Watches Stores Report,Top quality and Lowest Prices. Breitling Super Avenger II,BlackBird,Seawolf Chrono,GMT replica Replica Breitling Airwolf Best Stores Report,Top quality and Lowest Prices. been followed from prophet Muhammed (s) his highness announces that any one can not pronounce this holly world at his last breath otherwise is should be accepted from his highness or his well known representatives

This reality is lively proved with many events of heart death of his disciples although the world. So It is the moto of this age the prominence of Kalimath Athouheed may Almighty blesses all of us to reach the amusement of when we far well to this world.

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