Holy places are made out only through the sacred persons. All the sacred pilgrims all over the world conveys this historical fact. Jeelani Shareef the spiritual centre situates in Aluva East Deshom is also the repetition of the historical truth. this sacred place go forward to attain its goal and reach to its destination centering on the well known and world known spiritual saint Quthbuzzaman Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qaidri Chishthy, who spread out the light of spirituality among the Islamic world .

In search of a proper place to build such a sacred centre prophet (s) conveyed the glad tiding and consent up to ten people by the revelation from swiss replica watches his part. this truth itself is enough to understand the noblity and sublimity of this sacred centre . There are other some gratitude to this historical places

Jeelani Shareef aimes a centre to the spiritual sanctification especialy to the propagetion of thouheed. Here many spiritual seminars, stduy camps and swalath majlis on all first sundays of every months, have been going on all kinds of peoples without restrictions of religions and cast like that http://www.suitewatches.com/ of all other holy places reach to Jeelani Shareef seeking the advise of Hazt. Quthbuzzaman .

Al Madeena Islamic and arts college, the role model of moral and religious studies, also situates in Jeelani Shareef. Jeelani Shereef runs as a shelter to the daily visitors coming from all over the world hoping the glimpses of Quthbuzzaman.

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